Internet Privacy Policies

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As more and more company web sites require personal information from its visitors a large collection of data has been collected. This data has become a target for many crimes being perpetrated on the Internet. SpyWare, Spoof Sites, SPAM, Fraudulent SPAM, and employees selling account information to individuals and competitors are just a few items that have diluted the public trust in the Internet.

Consumer groups have long lobbied government to set up rules and regulations to help protect both the industry and public at large. As governments struggle with creating regulations to standardize the collection of personal information, the industry has stepped up to fill the void. With the creation of privacy policies and seal programs the industry has taken the first step in building trust in the market place.

This presentation will review the recent laws enacted, how privacy policies can help increase your business, and the many third party vendors who offer Seal Programs.

Power Point Presentation notes: PowerPoint Presentation. Size 250k.

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