Marketing with Business Weblogs

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Long popular with teenage diarists and navel-gazers, blogs are a novelty at best. Business Weblogs, on the other hand, have finally emerged as a legitimate publishing platform for more serious applications. Savvy businesses have discovered that Weblog publishing allows them to defeat SPAM entirely, and to reach a target audience of clients and prospects with timely information. Join eStrategyOne for this fun and informative look at Marketing with Business Weblogs. In this presentation, you'll learn:
  • How Weblogs differ from websites
  • How Weblogs help defeat SPAM
  • Who is using Business Weblogs
  • Revenue opportunities for Weblogs
  • Tips for a successful Weblog strategy
About eStrategyOne: eStrategyOne is an online marketing solutions company based in Columbus. Services include e-business and e-commerce strategy, email marketing, business weblogs, online advertising and promotion. Established in 1990 as Strategy One Marketing Consultancy, eStrategyOne now serves the onlinemarketing needs of a diverse client base in publishing, consumer products, manufacturing, and education.

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About Rich Ottum: The General Manager of eStrategyOne, Ottum is a career marketing professional with executive staff experience from Merrill Publishing, Borden, CompuServe, and Highlights for Children. Ottum serves as an Adjunct Faculty member for Franklin University, Ohio Dominican, and the Keller Graduate School of Management, where he teaches adult education classes in marketing and e-commerce.

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