Rise and Fall

Topic Description:, Columbus's own, was on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch's business section almost every week during the Internet boom days. The company rose from a small spin off from a distribution company to one of the golden children of the pre IPO outsourced Internet models. Within two short years it was spouting a possible billion dollars in revenue to filling for bankruptcy. How & why did this happen?

About the Presenter:

Paul Frenken has been an IT professional for over 18 years. He spent over two years consulting at on project management, credit card processing, and interstate sales tax issues. In researching for a case study for Harvard Business Review, Paul reviewed several dot com companies' business practices on the pros and cons of accepting venture capital and self-funding operations and the pitfalls for each funding model. Currently he is the President of the Columbus Association of Internet Professionals and is employed at Cardinal Health as a Project Manager.

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