Business Plans for Internet Projects

Topic Description:

Internet projects have a reputation for being late, over budget and not meeting goals. Too often, this reputation is well deserved and accurate. Often it is the result of using the wrong types of plans.This presentation will discuss several commonly used plans and why the processes behind these plans may lead to poor results.

Utilizing ‘business plan processes’ will be proposed as a technique for improving web project plans and results. This lecture will cover several key processes and components of business planning. It will also justify using those processes for Internet project planning.

About the Presenter:

Neil Lewbel is a consultant, who specializes in startup situations. His services include:
  • Background research for plans
  • Product & market definition
  • Business plans
  • Marketing program implementation
  • Development & launch strategies
  • Website content research & direction
  • Marketing plans
Neil’s 30-year career has included over 50 launch & startup situations. He has also held positions in the fields of telecommunications, international publishing, broadcast technology, software and electronics.

Consulting clients have included: software companies, Internet companies, public relations agencies and venture capital firms. He has authored over 50 magazine articles in the fields of communications and business and has served on several national standards groups and educational planning committees.

Neil holds a technical degree in Telecommunications and Electronics from Suffolk Community College and a B.A. from Queens College with majors in Education and Communications Arts.

Power Point Presentation notes: Internet Business Plans. Size 50k.
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