Building Business Value with .NET

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There is a lot of momentum in the technology industry around Managed Runtime Environments, Peer-to-Peer Computing and XML Web Services, but what real value do these technologies have to the enterprise? Drew Robbins explains how developers can leverage the .NET Framework to implement Service Oriented Architectures that provide business value.

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Drew Robbins is a consultant for InDepth Technology, a technical consulting firm dedicated to delivering to its clients an in-depth understanding of Microsoft's emerging technologies. Drew leads the .NET Developers Group in Central Ohio, a professional organization for developers interested in .NET technologies.

Drew has been architecting applications on the .NET Framework for over 2 years. As part of Microsoft's FirstWave program, he led the development of a web-based Time Tracking application built using ASP.NET and a Bug Tracking system that integrates with Visual Studio .NET.

As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Drew is experienced in server technologies including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Windows Server.

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