Free Agency: Technology for Change

Topic Description:

Working for yourself doesn't necessarily mean quitting your day job it simply means putting yourself first and treating your career as a diversified investment. No one would put their entire life savings or retirement hopes into a single stock, yet many of us effectively do just that when we pin our financial future on the management practices and market success of a single employer. Long gone are the days of the 30 year service award and gold watch retirement dinners. Change is inevitable and the likelihood of working for one company, or even staying within the same field, over the course of a lifetime is increasingly slim.

Learn how to find market opportunities, publicize your services, build Strong client relationships and ways to use your smaller size to compete efficiently against established companies. Whether you're hoping to work for yourself or simply looking for a way to fund a hobby or develop a new talent, free agency provides alternatives to the conventional day job, enhances your skill set and broadens your network of contacts.

About the Presenter:

J.R. McMillan is a founding member of Avatar Consulting, a Columbus-based provider of creative technology solutions for businesses, departments and individuals whose specialized needs often exceed what traditional IT support staff are able to deliver. Ad agencies, design studios, marketing firms, film companies and freelancers are among the clientele who rely on his strategic insight. Avatar Consulting enables creative enterprises to leverage technology to a competitive advantage.