Content Management:
What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Topic Description:

Content Management can cover many different topics, from effective management of documents, files and images to enabling non-technical users to create compelling content for web sites. Content management means many things to different people. Just as there are many different interpretations of content management, there are just as many vendors out there with their own approach to content management.

Content management is increasingly becoming an important operational requirement for companies of all sizes. The ability to enable non-technical users to regain control of content creation combined with the ability to free up IT resources so that they may focus on more business impacting projects, is having a significant impact on how companies do business today.

About the Presenter:

Johne C. Brennan
Johne is a Senior Sales Engineer at Vignette Corporation. He is responsible for the North Central Region of the United States and Canada. As a Senior Sales Engineer, he is responsible for the technical role of the sales team. Prior to joining Vignette, he worked as a Sales Engineer for S1 Corporation responsible for North America and Western Europe. Prior to S1, he worked as a a Sales Engineer for Edify Corporation responsible for North America. He has earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Finance from Miami University.

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