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Privacy & Technology in the Post- September 11 Era

The ways in which privacy and privacy rights are being affected by technology generated a lot of controversy even before September 11. Now the terms of the debate have changed permanently. Influential voices are calling for encryption bans, national identity cards, widespread use of biometrics, and wiretaps / email taps without warrants or probable cause. New anti-terror legislation being rushed through Congress may recategorize petty computer hacking as a "terrorist act" with a possible life sentence. To what extent are these reactions hysteria and to what extent are they carefully-tailored proposals? Can technology make the nation more secure? If so can it do so without destroying our basic freedoms? Will technology eradicate our privacy irrespective of what the government does?

About the Presenter:

Attorney Bob Ellis will address issues of privacy, technology, and the law in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Bob is the managing partner of Ellis Venable & Busam LLP, a technology-oriented law firm with offices in Columbus, Phoenix, and several overseas locations. A former USAREUR intelligence agent, Bob is fluent in Russian and German, and is a frequent speaker throughout the country on technology-related legal topics.

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